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Capture. Nurture.Close More Deals in less time With Jsimple’s cloud based predictive CRM software, accelerate your sales by improving lead conversion rate. We allow you to do what you are best at: SELLING

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Now Track all leads to Closure with the world's simplest and friendliest Sales Software. Grow your business faster.

Added Benefits
  •   Optimize lead capture & lead distribution
  •   Improve sales team productivity & results
  •   Respond to leads faster
Manage all Leads from the time they enter the system till they become Market Qualified Opportunities. An effective and efficient way to store all relevant interactions with the leads and see them swiftly moving from one stage to the other. It minimizes leakages of opportunities from the Funnel.
Optimize lead capture
& distribution
Respond to leads faster. Design and track your target email campaigns
Attract, retain & delight more customers through account planning

Why Choose Jsimple CRM?

Drive your team towards Sales Quota achievement

Drive your team towards Sales Quota achievement
Our one of a kind sales quota, easily allows you to assign a sales quota benchmark to your salespeople allowing you to follow their progress. Target quota can be viewed amongst members of

the sales team so you can track an individual's progress or the sales team as a whole. Also, it enables competitiveness amongst the sales team, and drives them towards their target achievement. And guess what…we don’t even charge extra for this feature.
Know everything about your prospect before the call

Know everything about your prospect before the call
The simplicity of this tool is reflected in the flow of the sales process through the tool. In the CRM Tool, each company is paired with Google, Linkedin, your choice of a database, and the

Companies URL. By simply clicking on Google, you will be taken directly to the google search page for this particular account. Clicking on the Linkedin button will automatically search the contacts for this company on Linkedin. The option of linking up a database is also available, allowing you to have data and information for the company readily available to you. Lastly, the URL button will take you directly to the companies web page.
Narrow down contact search through multi-level filters

Narrow down contact search through multi-level filters
There are a number of filters provided for easy filtering of contacts and to make the life of sales executives easier. You can filter using a specific city of a company, size of a company, the status of the

lead - (whether is a prospect or ready for a demo,) along with several other filters.
Never miss a follow-up

Never miss a follow-up
The reminder tool is crucial to staying organized. The reminder feature will remind you of tasks to be completed as well as contacts with which you need to follow up. You can email each contact

directly from the dashboard so you will never have to log in to your specific email browser.
Design and track your email campaigns

Design and track your email campaigns
Our intelligent email campaign feature helps sales team to segregate the email follow ups and bucket them, which they can send out at the end of day. No intermittent disturbing emails anymore.

The CRM gives an insight into the email campaign by tracking the key metrics like click rate and open rate..
Enhance your customer relations through effective account management

Enhance your customer relations through effective account management
Focusing on existing accounts is as essential as acquiring new accounts. Account Planning allows you to cross sell and upsell to your existing

accounts, and keeps you updated on the changing needs of the client. Capture all discussions with the client, and make them aware of their new needs.
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Read Our Story

Our sales journey began by using a well known CRM brand tool. We were confident that our sales team will have the smoothest sales ride ever, but after spending numerous hours of training on the leading CRM tool, we faced several challenges managing our sales process. Our sales team became reluctant to use the tool since it was too time consuming and overly complex....like 10clicks to add a call details,6 clicks to update voicemail details, 4 clicks to schedule a demo, and referring to a training manual back and forth.

We paused….and realized that its a shame for an IT company focused on “Innovation and Simplicity”, to use a grueling and intricate CRM tool, and paying a high monthly fee. We decided to put together a team of engineers, and architects to design a tool which was simple to use without a training, and within 4 months….Jsimple CRM was born….on our philosophy of innovation and simplicity, and since then any new sales person joining the organization, has spent only 10 to 15 mins learning it…..and they love using the tool.

With Jsimple CRM solution, connecting to your prospects, and managing your clients is Just Simple. Our unique single home screen means you will never have to open new tabs and will be able to keep all your accounts organized.

The CRM dashboard, divided into four easy to understand sections, gives a glimpse of sales activity carried out by the sales executives over a defined period of time. This product is a cloud based solution and you pay per use, which means you pay only for what you use and never anything more.

Track all your Sales activities with our On-Demand CRM Software.

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