Jsimple Compensation Management System

Keep your talent happy and motivated by effective funds pool allocation. Reward over achievers and manage the compensation for under achievers

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Motivate and retain your talent by effectively planning their compensation. Match the industry standards, and fill the gaps.

Executive Compensation has always been a huge expense for companies. However, the fact still remains, that it plays a great role in employee motivation and retention. With Jsimple Executive Compensation Management Solution, companies can allocate assigned funds in an effective and simple way, thereby creating a culture of meritocracy in the organization.

The solution allows rewarding over achievers, and optimizing budget at the same time by incorporating constraints based on the overall allocated pool. The overall experience reduces manual errors in computing.

The cloud based online solution replaces the conventional Excel spreadsheets, and has the potential to drastically reduce the number of hours that Senior Management, Supervisors and HR Heads spend manually administering compensation increases each year.

Why Choose Compensation Management System?

Budgeting and Increased Pool tracking
Understand your team/department’s merit budget and spend through at-a-glance expenditures.

Workflow Approval Function
Streamline the approval process. Simply enter an employee’s performance rating and merit recommendation, and task gets queued up in approving/reviewing manager’s workflow.

Data Analytics
Summarize multiple data points for all levels – Performance Rating and Merit, by Job Code, Department, Location through QuickView charts.

Tracking & Audit
View salary changes and updates at all levels.

Customized Bonus/Merit/Increment Letters
Print and distribute automatically generated custom bonus/merit/increment letters to employees.

Data Validation
Upload bulk data in excel form, and validate fields before merit/bonus submission.

Built-in HR Helpdesk
Effective Ticket Management System for employees to raise queries and resolving them with defined SLA.

Compare Executive Compensation With Market Range
View minimum, maximum and average salary offered by market at various grades, and matches it to Executive Compensation.

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Need more reasons?
  •   Streamlined and Easy compensation Management
  •   Reduced Manager bias
  •   Easy tracking of Key Metrics
  •   Deeper data insights from Custom Reports
  •   Improved optimization of Budget
  •   Minimized human error

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