eJoin Employee Onboarding Solution

Manage your complete employee experience- from
hire to retire!

Make new hires feel a part of your organization before they even arrive! Use eJoin Employee Onboarding Solution to accelerate the productivity and readiness of new hires!

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Protect Your Hiring Investment by Retaining Top Talent!

eJoin Employee Onboarding Solution is the most efficient employee onboarding software in the market. It's intelligent and comprehensive design manages every phase of the employee lifecycle- from hire to retire! Make your workforce productive before the start date using an online solution which acclimatizes the new employee with the company's culture early, thus creating motivation and engagement. Redirect your HR Manager's time and efforts on more strategic planning activities.

Guaranteed improvement in key metrics:
  •   Cost-per-hire
  •   Time spent in onboarding employee

Why Choose eJoin Employee Onboarding Solution?

Single Home Screen Dashboard
Track employee onboarding progress using a single home screen dashboard, which indicates various stages of onboarding.

Create customized pre-populated Offer Letters
Enter employee data only once into the system. Employee data automatically flows from Applicant Tracking System, and creates customized pre-populated offer letters.

Personalized Company Branding experience
Customize the Onboarding portal to match the look, feel, and experience of your company website.

Automate Task Management & Workflow
Collaborate with various departments to enable early completion of onboarding process. Automate the workflow to engage multiple departments.

Seamlessly integrate with your existing HRMS
Easy to integrate with your existing HRMS software. Once employee information is entered into the system, it automatically flows throughout the application- ensuring that you never have to enter the same data twice.

Automatic account creation for new employees
Create an account for new employees upon generating offer letters. Allow the employee an experience to e-file all documents and complete the onboarding process.

Paperless Onboarding process
An environmentally friendly process where everything resides in electronic form- eliminating the possibility of lost documents or the waste of paper.

Integrated task management
Allows easy facilities and logistics management of new employees, and gives them a unique experience on the joining day.

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Why Should You Choose eJoin Onboarding Solution Over Other Onboarding Softwares?

Enhance employee engagement
Acclimate new hires to the company's culture even before they arrive. Make them feel welcomed and motivated through a simple and fast onboarding process.
Improve readiness at work
Provide your new employees with a streamlined e-onboarding experience. Ensure that new hires are prepared for the first day by completing all joining and onboarding formalities early.
Reduce the cost associated with Paper based onboarding
Paperless onboarding allows you to save on the cost of paper products and to avoid the hassle of manually filing.
Automate all new hire tasks
Integrated task management streamlines the onboarding process by taking care of logistics, creating ID cards, and managing infastructure.

Enhance complete employee experience from Hire to Retire.

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Simple ROI Calculation

Company Details
No. Of EmployeesA
Annual Turnover % B
No. of Full Time Hires C
No. of Temp. HiresD
No. Of FormsE
Forms Mailing Cost ($) F
Return Mailing Cost ($) G
Paper & Copying Cost ($) H
Form Processing Time I = E*0.5 hrsI
Administrative Preparation Work hrsJ
Total HR Employee Time hrsK
HR Employee Salary ($)L
HR Employee Cost ($)M = Hourly Cost * ( I+J )M
Total Saving Per New Hire ($) N = F+G+H+MN
Total Saving Annually ($) O = N*( C+D )O
Total Productivity Saving for Value Added Work P = (I + J) *( C+D )) hrsP
And Finally, A World Class Onboarding Experience!