IT Solution Provider JSimple takes Customer Interaction to the Next Level with the Launch of Web Based Predictive Support Desk Application JSupportDesk

JSIMPLE JSimple has announced the launch of their revolutionary, predictive web-based support desk software: JSupportDesk. This one of a kind technology solution will enhance customer experience by simplifying the process of ticket creation and resolution for an organization and their respective customers.

Predictive Support eliminates user dependency, and can forecast a solution, before any action has been taken, based on the stored parameters. By combining a knowledge base of issues with a customer's previous interactions, this feature helps diagnose the current problem and prevent future issues by predicting them ahead of their occurrence.

The system learns based on every answer received and feeds the answer to the predictive engine for future usage. Simply put, it will give the answer user is seeking before user asks it.

Announcing the release of JSupportDesk, the CEO and founder of JSimple Jag Singh said, “We are excited to debut JSupportDesk featuring our proprietary, patent pending predictive support technology. Leading support systems rely on search, number of views and clicks on a particular answer. No one has gone beyond to predict the questions based on multiple dimensions of relevant data using weighting options on each parameter. As always, we have created a simple technology solution capable of performing complex tasks with ease.”

This technology is unlike anything before it and will make a long-term impact in the way companies operate by significantly reducing the time needed to contact support and receive a solution. This, in turn, improves the overall efficiency and profitability of the organization.

JSupportDesk makes managing customer issues easier than ever before. Open tickets are sent automatically to the correct department and technician, and the support team can manage these tickets from any part of the world on their mobile device.

The simplicity of this technology ensures that any company, even one without an IT staff, can resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

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