Relocation to New Development Center

Relocating can be both exciting as well as challenging for everyone. An office relocation can involve facing the unknown causing disruption and resentment unless it’s handled well.

JSIMPLE opened its first offshore center in 2010, and then moved to twice the size in 2012. And within 2 years we started looking for a new office space to support our growth.

There’s an upside to moving, it’s a symbol of growth, scaling and success in general. We had a clear vision for our new office that it has to be a world class with all the amenities and with contemporary interior which reflects our brand and core values. Also, this move would stimulate our growth and success over the years and comprehend our values simultaneously.

We have relocated to an office which is 10000 sq. ft. three times the size of our last office.  This truly speaks for itself, the growth of our business and how our employees have contributed in making this successful. We are thankful to our existing and ex-employees for taking us to this level and for their contribution.

“We had a challenging last year but team prevailed from all the challenges thrown at us. I’m extremely proud of every member of the team who contributed in shaping this journey. Also, would like to thank our customers for giving us an opportunity which has taken us to this level. Finally, deep congratulation to my Operation Team and Ayushi Bindal our Country Head for job well done“ , said Jag Singh, Founder and CEO,  JSIMPLE.

Hard work and perseverance are the key ingredients for growth. We are thrilled to announce the opening of our new office. We will continue to pursue our goals by winning people’s hearts and minds by making things simple.


Sonita Hooda

Marketing Manager


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