Jsimple Performance Management System

Transform your goals into results. There is a dearth of talent today. Keep that talent motivated with an efficient Appraisal Process.

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Give your Appraisal Process an Edge!

Jsimple PMS empowers employees, as well as managers, by giving them a platform to showcase their achievements and establishing a Pay-for-Performance culture. In turn, it keeps the organization motivated through a transparent appraisal process.

Why Choose Performance Management System

Skills Matrix and Competencies
Time for reality check! Get an understanding of where you stand in the organization based on the skill-behaviour matrix.

360 degree Review
Reviewing the team only on goals and targets is an injustice to them! Why not also use behavioural parameters to get a more holistic view of your team.

Plan a training while reviewing
Now you can plan training for your team members while identifying their training needs during appraisal.

Performance Snapshot
Give your employees a snapshot of their performance, contribution, and progress against goals and targets.

Perform and Reward
Give your Performance Management System an edge by bundling Performance and Compensation Management Solution, thereby driving a “Perform & Reward” culture.

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Need more reasons?
Track Skills and Competencies
From our cloud based application, easily identify resource capabilities and competencies and use them for resource allocation.
Enhance Employee Performance
Align employee goals and targets with company strategy, thus enhancing employee and organization performance.
Manage training calendar
The best time to identify training needs is during appraisal. Plan the training and plug the inputs to the training calendar.
Weigh your business unit’s performance
Employee performance is directly proportional to business performance. Provide your senior management with timely and reliable performance information for their business unit, or across the organization.

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