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A career with JSIMPLE is one that will harness and develop the innovative and well-experienced IT professional.

We are looking for resourceful and high-energy individuals who are poised for growth and success. We have a friendly working atmosphere where you can use both your team spirit and individual skills.

The work culture at JSIMPLE is based on the fundamental belief that employees are its most important asset.

Respect and genuine concern for each employee in the organisation is the basic principle on which the organisation functions. We believe that by giving mutual respect, recognition, trust, open communication, transparency and opportunities for growth, employees will perform to their fullest potential and will be sincere, dedicated and committed to their jobs.

The HR system at JSIMPLE pays considerable attention to the salary structure, welfare administration, working conditions etc. as these are some of the factors that are necessary for creating the right kind of work environment.

However, it doesn't stop here. Factors such as rewards, recognition, training & development, empowerment and growth opportunities, are essential for the true development of human resources. We strives to enhance not only the efficiency of its operations, but also the overall quality of its work environment and its contribution to society as a whole.

Our Values

Honesty & Integrity above all.

What speaks for us is the integrity towards our work and clients.

Customer Centricity comes first.

It is in our DNA to keep Customers delighted by making things simple for them.

Technology & Innovation at the core.

As a technology company, our core business is to find innovative ways to solve business challenges.

Ownership of work.

Holding ourselves accountable for tasks we deliver is the key to our success.

We are an equal opportunity employer, and believe in nurturing our talent.

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