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Implement consistent HR policies and procedures across the organisation cutting across geographical and cultural barriers.

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We at JSIMPLE take pride in our recent work on designing employee portal for the world's largest Beverage Company

Added Benefits
  •   Centralized reporting and analysis
  •   Easy resource mobilization with centralized database
  •   Effective business decision making
Today global companies are trying to implement a single base HR policies and procedures across the organization. In order to streamline the process, they are adopting HR Portal strategies.

This allows consistent corporate communication, including communication of culture and values across multiple locations with cross culture and language support.

Portal enables user/employee to make effective business decisions by leveraging an enterprise applications, information, processes and communities of interest.

We have staff with deep experience in designing HR facilities processes and developing the right technology to resolve business problems resulting in improved business processes.

Why Choose Our HR Portal Services?

New Portal Development
We have developed portal based websites and intranets that integrate site content and site administration with the core of your business processes. Our methodology focuses on providing you with a web application that can enable your business processes in very modest turn-around time.

Revamp Existing Portal
We use the latest internet technologies to revamp existing sites, design, construct and host new ones, develop GUIs, and then integrate them with the customer's database.

Our Approach
Our modular approach allows us to minimize upgrade costs to new platform or versions. Our extensive experience on databases and open source applications allows us to give low cost, high quality solutions and high ROI.

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Streamline Corporate communication, policies and procedures with our innovative HR Portal.

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