Jsimple Launches it's revolutionary, predictive web-based support desk software

  • Predictive Diagnostics Capability - By combining attributes associated with a customer’s previous interactions together with a knowledgebase of issues, this feature helps diagnose the current issue and prevent future issues by predicting them ahead of their occurrence.

  • Smart knowledge base suggestions - System learns based on every answer received and feeds the same to predictive engine for next usage.It gives you the answer you're seeking even before you ask it.

  • Improved Efficiency & profitability - Significantly reduce the time needed to contact support and receive a solution. This, in turn, improves the overall efficiency and profitability of the organization.


Why Choose Jsimple Support Desk?

Ticketing Management

Create a job opening and post it on your company website Career Page. Also, broadcast jobs to various job portals and consultants.

Service Level Agreements

Setup your customer SLAs, so that your customers receive support as agreed. Automatic notifications based on SLAs can also be set up for tickets. Also define your business hours and holidays plans in the system.

Smart Knowledge Base Suggestions

Our support system suggests the best answers to a ticket from your knowledge base. So you help your customers instantly.You can also create topics for your customers and build a huge knowledge base.

Alerts and Notifications

Acknowledge your customers when they submit request, when the status are changed and when comments are posted on the tickets. Also update yourself on new and pending tickets.

Reports and Dashboards

You can monitor ticket activity, agent performance, SLA compliance, request response time, and more. You can also filter summary information and statistics for quick view of tickets under you.


You can customize your support system by uploading your company logo, choosing your support URL, your support plans and configure your support e-mail address. You can change the look and feel according to your requirements.

Need more reasons?

See why you should prefer Jsimple Support Desk over other Ticket Management Systems?

Let system Predict customer issue
A predictive diagnostics capability allows the customer to choose from the already resolved issues in the past & close ticket instantly.
Resolve issues anytime, anywhere
Cloud based platform ensures you can quickly resolve your customer complaints on-the go, thus leaving happy customers.
Customize app to suit your business needs
Easy to install, configure & customize application to match your business needs & apply the look & feel of your organization.
Solve issues internally by engaging the best people
Task Manager seamlessly integrates with Support System to assign issues internally to the best-in-class.

Strengthen your customer support with Predictive Diagnostics capability.

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"In today's competitive market, simplicity is not just wishful thinking; it is a must for companies who want a competitive edge. We understand this. Since the conception of JSIMPLE, we have lived and breathed one key phrase – We Make Technology Simple"

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