e-Construction Scheduling Management for Garrity

Here’s a deep dive into how we strategically developed a first-of-its-kind e-CSM (a Construction Scheduling Management Platform) for a large construction company.
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About The Company

Garrity Asphalt Reclaiming, Inc. has over 30 years of experience in the reclaiming space. They are the largest company of their type serving the New England and New York markets.

With a crew of around 75 employees and a wide array of equipment, they effectively undertake pavement reclamation, cold planing, fine grading & rolling, calcium chloride, and snow plowing operations.

The Project Brief

Being the bigger fish in the pond, Garrity naturally attracted multiple projects. And along with it arrived the complexities of project management, from planning to managing the crew from remote locations.

Thus, they enlisted us to help them streamline their operations to save time and money in the long run.


The Challenge

The two major challenges with any construction company in the US were adapting technology and finding the right IT services companies who understood the sector's needs.

Also, Garrity being in the reclaiming space works with contractors who charge on an hourly basis. But the manual and repetitive duties involved took much of their time, thus costing the company a lot.

Our expertise being in both business solutions & technology, we gladly welcomed the challenge and saw a whitespace opportunity to disrupt the way construction companies worked forever.

Our Objective

We aimed to build a centralized digital platform that would improve their efficiency without compromising on their quality of service while handling multiple projects.

Being a firm believer in simplicity, we steered towards eliminating the challenges by conceptualizing an easy to use and adapt web-mobile application for the construction crew.


Project Execution


We had some fresh, radical ideas up our sleeves to streamline Garrity’s operations. By focusing on centralization and user-friendliness, we conceptualized an e-CSM or a centralized digital construction scheduling management platform that would help the construction company and its users increase their project efficiency.

Designing & Prototyping

Since the portal had to engage both managers and crew members, we extensively worked on the UI and UX to keep the design intuitive and easy to navigate. As a result, we were able to create a highly mobile adaptive web application design.


We built the platform using Microsoft technologies with a load time of less than 1 second. A comprehensive scheduling and monitoring system was implemented in the e-CSM to schedule jobs and manage the time cards of every crew member. Payment calculations were automated for the effective working hours of each crew member for a smooth billing process. We implemented a daily reports and monthly reports module that would gauge the performance of each site and transform the insights into actionable tasks. Building an extensive calendar, we facilitated the mapping of equipment availability for timely and efficient project planning.


We integrated multiple rounds of testing and improvised concepts to arrive at the best possible solutions. And the platform was constantly optimized according to the results with maximum efficiency in mind.

Delivery & Support

After 6-8 months of hard work and team effort, the fully functional e-CSM was delivered to Garrity. And customer satisfaction being our goal, we offer technical support and maintenance to ensure that the software and hardware work stably and reliably.


The Results

Thanks to the e-CSM we built, the dynamics of Garrity’s operational processes transformed and enhanced drastically. The modern technology and intuitive user interface enabled them and their customers to effectively collaborate and quickly regain control over projects. Garrity works on hourly invoiced contracts, and all the manual tasks involved used to cost the company hundreds of dollars. But with the e-CSM, they were able to save time which directly impacted the amount of money they could save for the business. Hence, it effectively helped tackle the complexities of managing projects, manpower, and equipment. And the company witnessed an overall improvement in their efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Client Feedback

Here’s what Steven Garrity had to say when we delivered the
custom-built e-CSM platform to them -

"Garrity Asphalt Reclaiming has been using JSimple's application for managing all the manpower activity and for maintaining reports online, thus streamlining our construction process. This application provides a central platform allowing a company to handle activities, including but not limited to, creating jobs with schedule or proposal, approval of jobs, creating crew in startup for a job, time card and daily ticket with all working and equipment details. After a comprehensive evaluation the product for over 4 years & 6 months, Garrity concluded that there is a synergy between the two brands that has resulted in a profitable relationship for both. Steven Garrity, the Vice President said that “JSimple’s single, unified system met all their business requirements and their dedicated team made sure that the software was integrated into their business process without providing any disruption thus amplifying their unique operational efficiencies. He also added, having all of our operational documents electronic and remotely accessible has been a huge benefit to increasing efficiencies and communication."