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Harness the Power of
AI-driven Insights

Empower all your business decisions with custom-generated scorecards

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Visually Engaging Data Representations

Get highly comprehensive and digestible data reports at your fingertips

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Analyze Key Metrics in Real-Time

Infuse powerful analytics into your everyday business operations

What’s New

Why use data analytics and insights for your business

  • Enables strategic planning
  • Increase process efficiency
  • Predict future outcomes
  • Identify gaps and anomalies
  • Improved risk management
  • Easy tracking and reporting

Turn data into impactful insights

Go from data to decisions quickly and easily

Make better decisions for your organization and optimize your outcomes by tracking actionable and insightful metrics. With powerful data just one-click away, our Scorecards can help you find answers to all your complex queries through a strategic approach.

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State-Of-The-Art Search

Simply Type Questions To Get Answers

Use our powerful NLP search to ask “What’s the turnover rate this quarter?” or “Compare department performance” to fetch insights.

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Quick Insights

Make sense of data in just one glance

Turn your overwhelming numbers into summarized insights that can be understood at one glance.

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Predictive Power

Transform data into future insights

See trends and projections for the future to anticipate upcoming needs.

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Auto-Anomaly Detection

Get alerted of irregularities

Our powerful AI engine auto-analyses your data to find sudden hikes and dips in your trends so you can stay equipped for anything.

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Why Us

What Makes Our Solution Unique


Key Insights

Capture your data into key points that can be understood with one glance.

NLP Search

Find answers by typing plain English Questions! Data analysis has never been made this easier before.

Anomaly Detection

Auto-analyzes your data to find irregularities - like your very own data police force!

Future Predictions

Finds patterns and trends to provide projections for the future so you can stay ahead.

Data Security

We ensure both convenience and data security, keeping your data safe within your own environment.

Flexible & Customizable

Personalized to align with your specific requirements, branding, business logic, and workflows.

Sample Dashboards

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Benefits of using Scorecard Dashboard

Achieve data accuracy

With a proper software, you have absolute control over who can access and enter data. This leaves no room for errors or data corruption.

Save time and efforts

You can easily import data from various sources. So no more going through intensive manual labor to enter or keep tabs on all data.

Enjoy visually interactive representations

Say goodbye to boring excel sheets, and say hello to highly graphic and engaging data reports that are easy and fun to work with.

Use Cases and Applications

How AI Analytics & Scorecards Can Help Improve Your Business Performance


Reduce Turnover

Use HR analytics to identify patterns and factors leading to turnover. With this data, develop retention strategies tailored to address specific issues. Set up alerts to detect early signs of potential employee attrition, allowing HR to intervene proactively and implement retention measures.


Better Hiring

Analyze past hiring successes and failures to refine job descriptions, candidate profiles, and interview processes. Use analytics to identify candidates likely to excel in specific roles, resulting in better hiring decisions.


Retain Top Talent

Analyze performance data to identify and reward top-performing employees consistently. Develop recognition initiatives backed by analytics to acknowledge and retain your top talent.


Improve Employee Engagement

Leverage data analytics to assess employee sentiment and target areas needing improvement. Analyze employee feedback to address concerns and boost engagement.


Enhance Productivity and Performance

Implement KPIs and real-time performance dashboards to track and enhance employee productivity. Use analytics to identify skills gaps, providing targeted training for improved performance.


Faster Reporting

Access real-time HR data dashboards for quick insights into critical metrics. Streamline reporting processes, reducing manual data compilation and report generation time.


Improve Patient Safety

Access patient information in real-time to eliminate errors that occur during manual entry and wrong diagnoses.


Clinical Predictions

Using your patient records, analytics can predict the likelihood of a patient developing certain medical conditions and help take preventive measures.


Reduction in Hospital Overstays & Readmissions

Predict the length of inpatients’ stay or chances of readmission according to their conditions. This can help adjust treatments, save costs, and free up hospital resources.


Budgeting and Resource Allocations

Identify patterns and unlock future needs to obtain or move staffing and resources which help your organization better manage your operations.


Supply Chain Management

Analyze past purchases and usage to make informed purchasing decisions and vendor consolidations to save money and resources and reduce wastage.


Better Patient Care

AI analyzes patient records and conditions to predict the right treatment and specialists in your organization.


Improve Product Placements & Sales

Discover patterns on how customers move through your retail space, points of interest, and high-density areas to place your products better.


Enhance Customer Service & Experience

Personalize in-store products/services and offers by predicting consumers’ needs based on their purchasing patterns and interests.


Easy Customer Segmentation

Analyze your customer behavior and purchase data to segment them into groups for implementing marketing strategies and campaigns.


Improve Inventory Management

Identify fast-moving products and high-demand goods to predict what and when to stock to prevent loss of sales.


Geographic Expansion Insights

Get insights on audience reach, product preferences, and potential sales by comparing location data and expanding to those regions.


Revenue Forecast & Pricing Strategy

Take advantage of historical data to show revenue projections for the future and optimize your pricing strategy based on competitors’ prices and real-time/seasonal customer behavior data.


Understand Customer Behavior

Discover users’ buying patterns and preferences to optimize product placements, provide personalized recommendations, and plan strategic campaigns.


Build Robust Supply Chain

Strike the perfect balance between supply and demand by analyzing patterns in past purchases, fast-moving goods, and seasonal demands.


Personalized Product Recommendations

Upsell and increase your customer’s Life-Time Value by unlocking insights into their buying patterns to show product recommendations.


Customized Shopping Experience

Identify users’ purchasing intent to provide custom deals, discounts, and offers and increase your online sales.


Improved Pricing Strategies

Price your products/services right by analyzing market standards, your prices, your competitors,’ and weather & seasonal demands.


Enhanced Customer Service

Sentiment analysis can help understand your users’ emotions to determine their experience and help improve it.


Demand Forecasting

Identify sales opportunities and determine manufacturing quantities based on historical data, seasonal demands, and customer behavioral trends.


Inventory Management

Optimize your supply chain for maximum profit using data-driven insights on inventory-to-sales ratio, number of days the product is held before sales, time required for production and shipping etc.


Maintenance Optimization

Prevent downtime by predicting your machinery’s maintenance needs using past maintenance data, amount of time it’s been in use, and anomalies in operations.


Risk Management

Identify recurring errors, prevent repetitive losses, forecast insurance needs, track machinery and operator work in real-time, and detect system anomalies & failures to plan your risk management strategy.


Improved Pricing Strategy

Leverage valuable data on your material costs, manufacturing costs, machinery & operations costs, market standard prices, etc. to determine your pricing strategically.


Production Tracking

Predict your production time, factors, how long the launch of a new product will take, possible challenges, etc. using present and historical data.


Demand Prediction

Forecast growth & fluctuations in supply by analyzing routes completed in a day, week, month, quarter, or year. This will help predict seasonal changes, profit changes and increases/decreases in human resources.


Maintenance Prediction

Reduce repair costs and prevent accidents by tracking vehicle history, GPS data, and accident-prone routes.


Effective Workforce Utilization

Uncover HR analytics about sufficient or excess staffing, turnover rates, cost of hiring and training, etc. to optimize your people operations for better efficiency.


Transport Management

Track all your transportation operations in a single view to oversee and manage everything in one place.


Route Modeling

Integrate real-time data for your employees to get notified about new routes and potential risk factors.


Last-Mile Delivery

Improve your internal processes and control external factors effectively by using data insights to optimize the last-mile processes, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction.


Fraud Detection and Prevention

Track customer profiles for fraudulent activities and get instantly alerted upon detection, which can help manage and mitigate risk.


Credit Risk and Exposure Analysis

Easily perform credit scoring in a click leveraging records on holdings, outstanding payments, loans, earnings, etc.


Market and Portfolio Analysis

Provide suggestions on investment opportunities based on market and customer portfolio analysis.


Prevent Operational and Liquidity Risks

Make sure you’re staffed right and have a steady cash flow by making data-backed business decisions.


Sales Performance Analysis

Track your cash flow and receive projections on how much sales you will make based on your data on the number of customers coming in, daily cash flow, and insights on your most valuable customers.


Personalized Marketing

Know who your most profitable customers are and customize and target your marketing efforts accordingly.


Fraudulent Claims Detection

Our system can screen your insurance claims for fraud by analyzing the person’s history and suspicious behavioral patterns.


Real-Time Risk Mitigation

Perform risk analysis in real-time to predict volatility, detect risk profiles, and plan ahead to mitigate and manage the situation.


Personalized Marketing

Personalize your marketing efforts by segmenting profiles based on numerous aspects, including lifestyle, demographic data, interests, beliefs, etc.


Customer Lifetime Value Prediction

Determine your customer’s lifetime value or profitability rate for your company based on collected data points and behaviors.


Product Profitability Analysis

Analyze your product’s performance and profit by customer segments, geographic regions, demographics, etc. to create new products or optimize existing products.


Claims Prediction

Evaluate your customer profiles to make predictions on claims that help manage risk, prevent losses, and gain profitability.

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