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About The Company

SourceOwls is a virtual recruitment marketplace connecting seasoned recruiters with companies to fulfill their human capital needs swiftly. Whether you’re someone looking to recruit in your free time, a full-time recruiter, or a company needing new talent, SourceOwls is the place for all.

The Project Brief

SourceOwls came to us with a potentially game-changing raw idea - A recruitment platform that does the tedious work of hiring people for businesses while also providing freelance opportunities for experienced recruiters. And us, having already built an HR Management System and serving the recruitment industry for a while, Sourceowls found us to be the perfect match for the project.

Thus, they enlisted us to conceptualize the medium and bring the concept to life.


The Challenge

Being well-versed in the HR industry, we know that the major challenge companies face while hiring individuals is getting quality candidates quickly. And while resorting to recruitment platforms was the answer, they often get charged a bomb even for receiving poor-quality candidates.

Our Objective

Our forte being in both business and technology, we aimed to solve these problems by conceptualizing a business model that would make SourceOwls different from other recruitment platforms.

With our tech team’s expertise, we planned to develop a centralized web application that would bridge the gap between companies and recruiters and serve as a one-stop solution for talent acquisition and income generation.


Project Execution


To solve the cost challenge, we introduced a payout system where the job poster sets the amount they would like to pay the recruiter for a successful placement. And to solve the challenge of getting quality candidates, we proposed a tier-based system for the recruiters to incentivize and motivate them to perform better.

Designing & Prototyping

For a seamless sourcing and hiring experience, we designed an applicant submission system for the recruiters and a comprehensive candidate management system for the job posters. In addition, much thought went into the UI and UX to keep it downright simple for both parties to communicate and streamline their work effectively.


We developed a fully integrated AI-Powered web solution that provided the users with real-time information regarding their job posts and candidates. Utilizing the best-in-class Microsoft technologies to support the platform, we ensured the site worked fast with a load time of less than 1 second. Also, a well-structured candidate management system was implemented to provide clear and concise statuses that are easily digestible to the users.


Multiple quality assurance tests were conducted to ensure superior quality and experience for the users. Furthermore, we critically evaluated the tests and constantly optimized the platform to achieve smooth and fail-proof functioning.

Delivery & Support

After validating the web application’s performance, we delivered the optimal product to our client. And we provide proactive support and maintenance for all of SourceOwls’ needs.


The Results

The customer-centric payout system we built was found favorable to companies and recruiters alike as it solved their pressing problems. Plus, it incentivized them to use SourceOwls over the other recruitment platforms. Hence, it served as a complete win-win for both parties involved.

Most importantly, the simplicity in design and user experience enabled both the job posters and recruiters to work in perfect sync throughout the sourcing and hiring process.

Client Feedback

Here’s what Dean, the Founder of SourceOwls, had to say about our service -

“A big thank you to you and the team for all the hard work you are putting in to make SourceOwl great! It's very much appreciated!!!!”

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