Jsimple’s Task Manager-LETS YOU FORGET NOTHING!
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With Jsimple’s Task Manager- keep all your tasks in one place, stay on schedule, avoid losing track of work, personal or any other tasks and be the best of all worlds.

What you can manage using Task Manager Personal?

Categorize, Organize & Overview all your tasks based on their priority and be the best version of you.

Custom Labelled Tasks

List all your task by creating custom labels such as work, personal, routine, social etc.

Set Priority & Reminder

Set the priority of each task including assigned task & get alerts on tasks by setting reminders.

Efficient Planning

Be date & target driven and plan your task calendar & set reminders in advance.

Assign Task

Assign any task to your peers such as customers, friends, colleagues, family etc.

Write Journals

Jot down all your important events without having the need to maintain a diary or a notepad.

What you can manage using Task Manager Professional?

Task Manager Professional is loaded with features to streamline projects where Project Managers can create & track tasks from beginning to end, delegate subtasks to teammates for multiple projects, and set deadlines & reminders to make sure projects get done on time.

Project Creation & Custom Task Tagging

Project Manager can create projects & list multiple tasks under different project labels, estimate projects and team size.

Set Task Priority and Reminders

Project Manager can set the priority & reminders for assigned tasks to oneself or to the team members under multiple projects.

Efficient Event and Calendar Planning

Project managers can be strictly date & target driven by planning the task calendar in advance for self & their team members, all at one place.

Assign & Track Team Task Statuses

Tasks can be assigned to self & teammates; each task status can be tracked using filters.

Track & Manage Leaves in your Team

Track & check the status of all your planned and unplanned leaves. Inform your peers well ahead in time to manage any task dependencies.

Benefits of our Task Management Tool

Cloud Hosted

Mobile & web-based application hosted securely on cloud to make the tool easily accessible for all.

Central Repository

Central repository for storing & retrieving all tasks records and quick look up of any specific task using filters.

Strict Security Protocol

Our cloud-hosted infrastructure is designed with security at the forefront.

Reminder Alerts for All

Now send reminder alerts not just to yourself but also to your peers including customers.

Our Advantages

Why Us?


Simple & Easy to use solutions is our key to product attractiveness, success, and speedy growth.


Updated and Latest technology in the market lets us stay ahead in the game.


It is the core foundation of all our solutions and one of the driving force to be different.

Customer Support

Commendable Customer Support for all clients regardless of the price.

Futuristic Approach

Planning & Extensive Market Study to futuristically plan our products.


We offer pocket-friendly solutions to everyone from startups-to-billion dollar companies.

Our Price Plan

Task Manager- Personal



  • Custom Tagged Tasks
  • Task Assignment & Management
  • Daily Journal Entries
  • Calendar Planning
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Task Manager Personal Pro



  • Custom Tagged Tasks
  • Task Assignment & Management
  • Daily Journal Entries
  • Project Setup Feature for upto 5 Projects
Task Manager- Professional



  • Project Creation & Management Unlimited
  • Team Tasks Tracking
  • Team Leave Management
  • Calendar Planning

Our ultimate goal is
"Customer Satisfaction"

Our ultimate goal is "Customer Satisfaction" We understand how difficult it gets to manage all the tasks, keep up with everything and keep everyone happy.

Worry not! We are here for your rescue & we manage it all for you, timely remind you and as we said help you FORGET NOTHING and be on time.


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