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IT Outsourcing

Now, hire multiple resources through us to get your
job timely done at Affordable Hourly Rates. Our strong community of skilled resources are succinct to develop, deliver &
support all your business needs.


Challenges of IT Outsourcing

Our understanding of the fact that every business is unique and has its own predilections makes our business engagement models unique.

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resources portfolio

HR Bandwidth for bigger projects will never be an issue as we present highly skilled resources from our IT resource community to support your business goals without drilling a hole in your pockets.

Project Managers

Business Analyst

Quality Analysts

Developers - Full-Stack, FrontEnd & BackEnd


Customer Support

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Our ultimate goal is
"Customer Satisfaction"

We combine our expertise and process maturity with low-cost services to provide you with a high quality of work at an excellent price to overcome all enterprise challenges.

Our competitive rates and flexible engagement model with highly skilled and extensive experienced resources ensure the success of your project.

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Our Approach

How we work

Effective Communication

Starting with effective communication between the client to understand project and resource requirement is the very essence of our outsourcing business and we give this part the utmost importance.

Experts Connect

We then connect you to our highly skilled specialists with expert-level knowledge in their respective domain and industry segment experience. We provide you with the best that we have at an affordable hourly cost to work with you efficiently.

Data Privacy

Nothing is left to chance when it comes to protecting the clients' intellectual property rights, the sanctity and secrecy of the source code are fiercely protected, and none but the client owns its full rights.

Speedy Delivery

Together we work to meet your deadlines and provide faster time to market ensuring the resources work at their full efficiency. We provide all the support, supervision needed and treat your project like ours.



“I’ve worked with Jsimple for years on large and small projects and will continue to do so. Everyone I've worked with is professional, knowledgeable, responsive and conscientious, while also being enjoyable to work with. Simply put... Jsimple gets the job done”

Steven Adler, ICM