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Travel & Expense Management System

Automate your travel and expense reports while controlling your operating cost line items and help your organization run more efficiently.

Complete Visibility

Enhanced Efficiency

Policy Compliance

Greater Control


Why Choose Us?

Our innovative system is also compatible with any HRMS system and can easily be incorporated.


Move away from paper receipts to e-receipts, thereby making the travel and reimbursement process easier for employees.


Data flows automatically from Travel to Expense Management System, in order to save time.

Quicker Approval

The managers and finance executives can approve the BTA’s on the go, while they are away from work.

Advance Payment

Track the advance payment taken by the employee, and what is due to employee and company after the trip completion.

Policy Implementation

Implement new and modified company travel policy within minutes.


Need more reasons?

Streamline your Business Travel Plan Approval and Expense Reimbursement Process.

Get visibility into spending habits and plan the accruals accordingly

Improved optimization of Budget

Spot Out-Of-compliance items easily with one single report

Book travel using your smartphone, tablet or desktop browser

Implementing the policies in the T&E System helps employees better adhere to protocol

Streamlined process from raising a BT Approval to Expense Reimbursement

Our ultimate goal is
"Customer Satisfaction"

Our T&E System makes tracking of travelling and expense management easier and organized than ever by providing a safe shelter for all the invoices, records for stable and reliable overall management through a digitized platform.

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