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Performance Management System

Empower & Motivate employees by giving them a platform to showcase their achievements by establishing an Organization level
Transparent Pay-for-Performance culture.

We are here for your specific performance & compensation needs
to help you transform your goals into results


Product Offerings

We let you motivate & retain talents in your team in an era of Talent Dearth

Skills Matrix and Competencies

It’s the Time for a reality check!
Get a holistic understanding of how your team is performing & where you stand as an organization based on the skill-behavior matrix & drill down to map individual competency.

360-degree Review

Reviewing the team only on goals & targets is an injustice to them!
Why not consider behavioral, interpersonal & professional parameters to get a 360-degree view of your individual employee & teams by conducting weighted feedbacks across inter & intra-teams.

Learning & Development Planning

Identifying what’s lacking in your team can be a cumbersome task! Now you can plan training for your team members while identifying their training needs during appraisal reviews to align employee goals & targets with the company strategy & business goals.

Timely Performance Snap Shot

65% of the employees prefer to get the feedback consistently-
Now give Give your employees a snapshot of their performance, contribution, and progress against set goals on a quarterly,
half-yearly & yearly basis. The performance snapshot helps the management team to review performance of the team & individual employee at a glance.

Perform & Reward

Give your Performance Management System an edge by bundling Performance & Compensation Management Solution and provide rationale for compensation through performance measure for driving a “Perform & Reward" Culture.

Dashboard & Reports

Nothing can beat the visual accessibility be it- over all organization performance or department or team wise performance within your organization. Our tool gives you the flexibility to access them all on our dashboard- tailored for the team leads, management & leadership team.

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Competitive Advantages

Still can't choose if this the PMS solution for your orgnization, here's how we stand out.


Pick & Drop feature of our system allows you to pick & drop features of your choice.

System Integration

Our solution can be bundled with any of your existing HR systems to gauge performance.

Performance Weighment

Our solution gives at a glance insights of employee performance, business unit & overall business performance.

L&D Calendar

Plan the training requirements and plug the inputs of the performance review to the L&D calendar.

Our ultimate goal is
"Customer Satisfaction"

Transparency and Innovation is the key to meet our utmost goal.

We understand how difficult it can get for you, the managers & leadership team to remember everything you & your team did over the past year in your organization. When performance measurement doesn’t happen frequently, it gets difficult to keep the organization & employees’ goal in sync.

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Our company's Advantages

Our understanding of the fact that every business is unique and has its own predilections makes our business engagement models unique.


Simple & Easy to use solutions is our key to product attractiveness, success, and speedy growth.


Updated and Latest technology in the market lets us stay ahead in the game.


It is the core foundation of all our solutions and one of the driving force to be different.

Customer Support

Commendable Customer Support for all clients regardless of the price.

Futuristic Approach

Planning & Extensive Market Study to futuristically plan our products.


We offer pocket-friendly solutions to everyone from startups-to-billion dollar companies.

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