Who We Are

We have over a decade of experience in the IT Service Industry, building exciting products that easily help businesses reach their goals at a faster rate.

About JSimple

Simplicity And Innovation Is In Our DNA

Our aim is to make your business processes simple through technology

We believe in going that extra mile to help and build nothing but the best for our clients. Specializing in technology, design, and business innovation, we focus on solving today’s biggest business challenges, penetrating different industries and serving the largest customer base globally.

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Services We Provide

Smart Tech Solutions For Smarter Business Processes

The Man Behind JSimple

Meet Our Founder and CEO

Jag has years of experience in developing, managing and implementing core HR, Benefit, and large-scale technology solutions with Fortune 100 companies. Before Jsimple, he worked at Diageo & was involved in building and managing core HR processes on SAP and Oracle ERP applications. “Men are haunted by the vastness of eternity. And so we ask ourselves: will our actions echo across the centuries?” is a constant source of inspiration for him to build Artificial Intelligence Solutions that bring an innovative technological change in the world.

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The Bigger Picture

What We’re Working Towards


Our Mission

To bridge the gap between technology and business goals by making things simple with our intuitive designs and updated technology for our clients.

Our Vision

To win people’s hearts and minds by making things simple.

Our Values


Honesty & Integrity above all

What speaks for us is the integrity towards our work and clients.

Customer Centricity comes first

It is in our DNA to keep customers delighted by making things simple for them.

Innovation at the core

As a technology company, our core business is to find innovative ways to solve business challenges.

Ownership of work

Holding ourselves accountable for tasks we deliver is the key to our success.

How We Work

Our Development Process


“If the product experience is not as simple as the shopping experience on Amazon, then we have failed the concept of simplicity.”

- Jag Singh, Founder and CEO, JSimple LLC